Assessment Procedure

Ensuring that all candidates are aware of the policies/procedures during their assessment.

This procedure is to ensure that all candidates are aware of the policies/procedures during their assessment.

Responsibilities of the Assessor

The following are the responsibility of the assessor for each assessment, any breech of the following guidelines should be reported to the administrator and Head of Training.

  • Ensure papers and material are distributed appropriately
  • To ensure all candidates are aware of timings
  • Conduct invigilation and administration of the assessment process in such a way as to cause minimum disruption to candidates
  • Make announcements to candidates as necessary
  • All activities carried out during the assessment should be conducted as quietly and discretely as possible. Talking between invigilators should be kept to an absolute minimum and be carried out in a hushed tone. If it is necessary to approach a student for any reason, communication should be calm and supportive. Remember, assessments are very important to students and inappropriate conduct of invigilators can be cited as grounds for complaint if it adversely effects students’ performance in any way
  • The instructor shall announce the time when there are 15 minutes remaining and again 5 minutes before the end of the assessment
  • To collect assessment papers at the end of the assessment
  • To mark the assessment papers

Responsibility of the Candidates

In order to ensure all candidates are ready to undertake an assessment the following guidelines will be required:

  • To arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the assessment
  • All items for use in the assessment e.g. ruler will be on the desk before the candidate enters the room
  • The candidate may bring mobile phones into the room if they are set to silent
  • Candidates may not eat during the assessment but water will be provided on the desks

Candidates Arriving Late

No candidate may enter the assessment room more than 30 minutes after the assessment has begun. A candidate who arrives late (but within 30 minutes) will not be allowed extra time at the end of the assessment to account for their late arrival.

Candidates wishing to leave before the official end of the Assessment

Without the special permission of the Instructor no candidate may leave the assessment room until the end of the assessment time.

Comfort Breaks

All reasonable request for comfort breaks will be made under the following guidelines:

  • Candidates who request a toilet visit during the assessment should be accompanied to the door of the nearest toilet.
  • Students are not allowed to take any papers or notes out of the room during the assessment. Toilets should be checked after each toilet break for written material which may benefit a student using the toilets during the assessment.
  • A student who leaves the assessment room unaccompanied for any reason will not normally be allowed to re-enter.

Marking of Assessment Papers

The course administrator shall mark all assessment paper and following a review by the Head of training, their decision will be final.


All verification will be carried out by the Head of Training.

Production of Certificates

Certificates will be produced once verification by the Head of Training has been completed.

Issuing of Certificates

Certificates will only be issued once payment has been received from the client.

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