Laurence’s Blog - “Mould needs collaboration and a joint responsibility…”

I was recently made aware of a news article relating to a single-parent and her young family living in unhealthy social housing. The property suffers from “damp”, mould and “mite” infestation.

The result of these conditions is ill-health. Although the article mentions attempts to remedy the situation - the unhealthy conditions continue.

Quote: ” The council has had letters from doctors and health visitors but it says we are in the right bandwidth for council homes and won’t move us.”

Upon reflection, this is not an isolated case. I myself have been involved in numerous “mould-related” incidents - and it is important to point out that in the majority of cases - mould was just one of many problems.

In my experience there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding, conflicting information and common misconceptions.

In all of these situations - as well as mould and Ill-health being evident, there seems to be a lack of investigation.

Money is always a key element - everyone wants the problem to “go away” but no-one wants to pay for it!

Another issue is responsibility - “no-one wants to accept any responsibility” and “everyone else is to blame.”

Mould remediation - often needs collaboration and a joint responsibility to identify all the causes - primary and contributory - without that - there will always be a problem…

Laurence Mitchell - Dewpoint Trainer

Monday 25th of July 2016 | Permalink

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