Frequently asked questions about Dewpoint Professional.

How do I know what course 'Grade' to undertake?

This depends on the experience to date and what you are trying to achieve. We always offer a chance to speak to the course trainer to discuss your individual leaning needs in advance of signing up to attend a course.

What supporting information will I receive during the course?

Our official Dewpoint Training and Reference Manual is supplied to every learner. This manual is retained by the learner for on-going support following the course.

What Support is offered following the course?

Following your time with us at Dewpoint if there is anything you are uncertain about, or should you need additional training support /clarification, please let us know immediately. We will arrange for the trainer to contact you direct to discuss this further.

When will I hear if I’ve passed the course?

Following the course the assessment is marked and verified, following this we will register each learner with LRS and City & Guilds before issuing the certificate. This can take up to 2 weeks to complete but we try to aim to have the certificate out to you within a week.

I’ve lost my certificate?

If your certificate has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed we can issue you a replacement certificate for a replacement fee of £5.00 which is payable prior to receipt of the new certificate (Electric version is at no charge).

Do I get letters after my name?

Individuals, who have attended, completed and attained certification by examination are granted a membership of Dewpoint Professional for a period of 2 years following the course. Accredited membership is available to both office-based and field-based professionals with their own designations – AMDEW and Tech.DEW respectively, depending on the course grade completed.

Grade Dewpoint Professional Accredited Member (1) Designation
1 Office-based Claims Handlers AMDEW
Grade Dewpoint Professional Accredited Member (1) Designation
3 Field-based Personnel
(Technicians, Project Managers, Operations Management)

Accredited members are required to adhere to Dewpoint Professional Accreditation & Membership Terms & Conditions to maintain their membership status.

Failure to adhere to Dewpoint Professional Accreditation & Membership Terms & Conditions at the appropriate grade may result in suspension or termination of membership (and benefits).

How do I make a complaint?

In the first instance, we will endeavor to able to resolve the issue informally with the trainer or administrator. If you are unable with the resolution please contact:

Louisa Sharpe - Head of Training - louisa.sharpe@gelder.co.uk

You will receive an acknowledgement to your complaint within 2 working days followed by a response and an explanation within 15 working days.

Contact Us

Contact Us

For more information about our auditing and consultancy services, please contact one of our advisors. Telephone: 01427 782994, or enter your details in our contact form and one of our advisors will get in touch.

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