Individual Membership

Dewpoint Professional Corporate Accreditation & Membership is recognised as a mark of excellence.

Dewpoint Professional is a focal point for damage management professionals working in a broad range of industries providing a diverse range of skills in residential, commercial and public environments.


  • For individuals with an interest in attaining Dewpoint Accreditation
  • Associates are required to begin the process for attaining Dewpoint Accreditation within 12 months


  • For individuals completing Dewpoint City & Guilds Accredited courses
  • Completion of Professional Standards Examination and personal statement
  • 3 grades are available; Requirement to maintain CPD


  • For individuals already qualified at Certified status
  • Admittance is via personal interview, assessment and examination
  • 2 grades are available; Requirement to maintain CPD

Following the Dewpoint Professional career development programme, practitioners are to plan their learning towards their career goals.

For more information, or to talk to one of our advisors, please contact us on
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