Individual Membership

Dewpoint Professional Corporate Accreditation & Membership is recognised as a mark of excellence.

In today’s challenging economic climate, it makes sense to belong to a professional organisation that will raise your profile and demonstrate commitment to your profession.

Dewpoint Professional set standards and support, develop and connect our Members with resources, guidance, and training in damage management.

With our Membership growing fast – Dewpoint Professional is a focal point for damage management professionals working in a broad range of industries providing a diverse range of skills in residential, industrial, commercial and public environments.

Our comprehensive approach to teaching damage management, as well as our strict Accreditation and Membership standards, ensures our Members are the best qualified, most respected and sought after people in the damage management sector:

  • Accreditation and Membership is open to both individuals and organisations
  • We have the highest entry standards for Accreditation and Membership
  • Our Members follow a strict Code of Professional Conduct and have access to a formal City & Guilds accredited structured professional development programme
  • Most importantly, our Members are passionate about delivering solutions

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'Dewpoint Professional is used by clients and organisations as a mechanism and benchmarking for judging the professional competence and performance of their contractors and their own employees'

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