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Awaab’s Law set’s Standards for Mould Remediation

There has never been more urgency in getting trained in Mould Remediation then now. Following the tragic death of two-year-old Awaab Ishak in 2020 due to mould exposure at his Rochdale home, campaigners are pushing for reforms in housing regulations. Known as “Awaab’s Law,” proposed changes would establish new timeframes for repairs in unsafe homes. Housing Secretary Michael Gove expressed the need for “strong, robust action” to prevent similar tragedies, emphasizing the proposed legal amendments. Landlords in England would be required to investigate issues within two weeks and commence repairs within an additional seven days. Under the suggested reforms, emergency repairs must be conducted within 24 hours, and landlords failing to meet deadlines may face court action and compensation claims from tenants. The proposals are currently in the consultation phase, with an emphasis on addressing health and safety risks posed by damp and mould in homes across the country. Landlords are expected to maintain clear records demonstrating compliance with the specified time limits.

The message is clear don’t delay, get your staff trained to be able to provide the requirements set down by law.

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